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Metaverse, Web3, Data System Development


I have been building for the Metaverse since 2015 when I first started filming 360 videos of art galleries and art fairs with a bunch of GoPros and a 3D printed rig. I then created Jump Into The Light in New York City,  the first VR arcades, in order to show these experiences to the public.  

Recently I also created an NFT marketplace to launch, buy, and trade NFT’s. Featuring physically backed NFTs and 3D Augmented Reality models. The focus is ease of use for crypto novices who may not own any crypto and do not have a wallet.

Our developers have built VR experiences, AR apps and 3D scanned models for fashion brands.  We can do Metaverse development for you on Roblox and we can white label our NFT exchange for you.

You might like to also see this programmatically generated NFT art project called DEATHLESS.  


[ Metaverse, VR, AR, Web3 ]



We Help Doctors Uncover Hidden Diagnoses

I took aggregated medical data and, using machine learning techniques and statistics, created an algorithm that could help doctors uncover overlooked diagnoses. I also created a cloud-based api that can take medical and demographic data from a patient and output the suspected ailments. 

The primary use case is for value based medicine providers. This helps them in 2 ways. First, the patient may be suffering from something that is not being treated, so this helps the patient get the care they need and secondly, this would increase the RAF score, thereby generating more income for the provider.

[ Interview Magazine AR App ]

VRAccelerator - Volcap Studio


I built a volumetric video capture studio at the world’s largest fashion studio - think Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Victoria’s Secret. We captured moving holograms of models for use in AR/VR and created augmented reality apps

[ Virtual Production Using Volcap and Unreal Engine ]

Jump Into The Light
World’s First VR Arcades


I created the first location based Virtual Reality experience centers for the general public. We started in New York on St Mark’s Pl, Bowery, the Lower East Side and we actually had a place in Time’s Sq for a bit, right under where the ball drops on New Year’s eve. We taught classes and held meetups, and created VR experiences.




  • We innovated VR experiences including 360 videos and TiltBrush worlds that one could fly through. 

  • The model we created is being successfully used around the world

  • We were featured in the NY Post, NY Times, CBS, Fox5, TimeOut NY

  • We gave classes in Unity game engine programming and also did projection mapping

  • We created a VR Art Therapy program and implemented it at Mount Sinai

  • We presented a VR Meditation experience at the UN

  • We were a center for VR artists

  • We would provide team building experiences and give workshops for corporations interested in learning about this new tech such as Goldman Sachs and NYU Langone Medical Center 

  • Produced a VR experience where a skydiver jumped out of an airplane for SAS Cloud Services that gave the end user the experience of falling through the clouds until they landed safely. We also produced an off site event for them during the retailers convention at the Javits Center

  • Created a mentorship/internship program

In addition to the general public, clients included Hotel Indigo/IHG, Goldman Sachs, Mount Sinai, SAS and Deloitte.

I gave talks at Soho House, NY VR conference, JumpIntoVR Fest and The Bank of New York Mellon among others.

[ The First VR Arcades ]


Jump Into VR Fest

World’s first VR only film festival and conference. We took submissions from around the world and 


I created the concept which included speakers, workshops, a film competition and VR and AR demonstrations. I obtained sponsorships and organized the Judges. I also found VC’s for an investor speed dating event that matched VR related entrepreneurs with investors



  • HB Siegel - Head of Innovation at Amazon

  • Ted Schlowitz - Head of Innovation at Paramount Pictures

  • Danya Glabau - Professor from NYU

[ VR In Times Square ]



Located in Berlin


I created the DEATHLESS brand which featured clothing, skateboards, and a street art gallery located in the Mitte district of Berlin.

[ Fashion AR App Using Statically 3D Scanned Models ]



Data System Development

I built websites, reporting systems and databases primarily for EdTech companies.  Programming using C#, PHP, HTML, CSS, Python, Javascript,  SQL, IIS, LAMP

Clients included: New Schools Venture Fund, New Leaders, Achievement First, KDSI and others


  • Technical and Creative development including, Metaverse, AR, VR, Web3, Web 2, Data Systems

  • Business Development - I've sold projects worth 5, 6 and 7 figures

  • Product Design and Development

  • Project Management

  • Team Building

  • Team management, both onsite and offshore

  • 3D scanning

  • Volumetric Video Capture

  • Website Creation using Wordpress, Wix

  • Roblox Studio, Unity and Unreal

  • Building Data Systems

  • Database Development - SQL

  • Programming: Python, Javascript, Typescript, PHP, HTML, CSS, Lua, C#, Solidity

  • Conference organization

  • Mentoring interns

  • Business creation

  • Sales

  • Sponsorship organization

  • Contract negotiation

  • RFP competition

  • Video production

  • Audio production

  • Graphic design

  • Photoshop

Soft Skills

  • Have traveled extensively and have lived  abroad

  • Mentoring

  • Have done business internationally and owned a business in Europe

  • Public Speaking

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